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A delicious 5 minute dish with a zingy, Asian twist!

Billy here guys with a quick ‘how to make’ video - for this simple, easy and quick to make seasonal, healthy dish.

Cornish Mussels cooked with Ginger Kombucha

From October through to April, Cornish mussels are on top form and can be eaten without affecting summer spawning. Just do mussels in the normal way with a generous glug of Jack's Ginger infused kombucha for that Asian fusion twist, a little garlic, chilli and fresh herbs. Our ginger kombucha provides fermented, tart, spicy and citric flavour notes that make this dish absolutely delicious. Mussels release their own salty sweet liquid when cooking so about a third of a bottle of Jack’s is about right.

Here's my quick  'how to' video...

What you’ll need -

A heavy bottomed pan on a medium-high heat
A good dash of rape seed oil
1 medium sized onion (red or white)
A clove of garlic
About a kilo of local, sustainably harvested mussels (we get ours from Sailors Creek Shellfish up at The Food Barn - Tregew Saturday morning market)
1/3 of a bottle of Jack’s Ginger Kombucha - drink the rest while you’re cooking
And some herby loveliness - foraged and seasonal, or coriander would also work well
A small fresh chilli and, if you like it hot, a final sprinkle of dried chilli flakes
No need for salt - the mussels provide their own!

A quick guide to mussel cleaning and checking -

De-beard and give your mussels a good clean. Some mussels may be slightly open. If you give them a light squeeze and they close up, they’re good. If they won’t close up - chuck ‘em.

We’d love you to give this fabulous recipe a try. Let us know how yours turns out!




Billy Trenerry Written by brew boffin Billy. When he’s not whispering sweet nothings to the fermenters, he loves spending time with his family in his hometown Falmouth, foraging around the local countryside and cooking imaginative recipes at home.


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