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Jack's Kombucha - made in Cornwall, enjoyed anywhere

We craft-brew Jack's Kombucha in Cornwall between The Helford and River Fal, using traditional methods to create a slow-fermented, full-flavoured, artisan product of quality with a distinctive, refreshing taste.

Its 'full mouth', satisfying, complex flavour and tart, clean finish makes it a great alternative to craft beer, wine or fizz, and also high sugar soft drinks.

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Our range of original, raspberry and ginger infusion are available in 240ml screw cap bottles. 

Our kombucha is vegan, gluten free and made from organic and permacultured ingredients and is naturally much lower in sugar than most soft drinks making Jack's a feel good choice.

Our kombucha infused with raspberry or ginger are good options for people who have never tried kombucha before. If a customer likes a zesty IPA or a sharp white wine, they'll also love our original.


Always serve nicely chilled. Our kombuchas are lightly sparkling and refreshing, not 'gassy'.

Jack's Kombucha infused with Raspberry...

This rosy nectar looks beautiful in a champagne flute.
Floral, fruity and well balanced, subtle layers of flavour with a slightly tart finish. Pairs well with any food where a good Rose wine would be a natural choice.

Jack's Kombucha infused with Ginger...

Gently invert before serving. Great in a high ball glass on ice, with a sprig of mint or slice of lime - lends itself to creative mocktails.
Earthy, slightly citrus, spicy notes, a delightful warming sensation and complex layers of flavour. Pairs well with spicy dishes.

Jack's Original Kombucha...

Deserves a posh glass! A satisfying full-mouth feel, complex layers of fermented flavour with a tangy, tart, clean finish that awakens your taste buds.
Complements a wide range of foods where a good Sav Blanc or Brut Prosecco would make a good paring.


Proper kombucha contains live active cultures (the good stuff) so needs to be stored chilled. We recommend 5 degrees C. At this temperature, its shelf life is 6 months unopened. Use within 2 days of opening.


As our authentic kombucha is unpasteurised to retain maximum goodness and all the live active cultures, it's not recommended for children, or for pregnant or breast feeding Mums.


There's so many ways to enjoy Jack's Kombucha



Revered as a revitalising, health-supporting elixir for over 2000 years, kombucha is essentially fermented tea …except it doesn’t taste like tea! It has a unique, slightly tart, refreshing and satisfying taste. Authentic kombucha is alive with active cultures that many believe are beneficial.

Our proper kombucha is an infusion of filtered Cornish water, blended fine teas and just the right amount of sugar to activate and sustain the SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast), which transforms the infusion into a delicious drink that’s…

> Lightly sparkling and lip-smackingly refreshing

> Brimming with live, active cultures and high in antioxidants (polyphenols)

> Naturally lower in sugar than most soft drinks

> A satisfying, 0% hangover alternative to beer, wine or fizz

> All natural, vegan and gluten-free

> Made with sustainably sourced fair trade, organic and permacultured ingredients

> Great paired with a wide range of foods


Celebrate flavour without the alcohol



‘Fermented flavour alchemy’ is how one customer put it - we think that’s a great description.

Open a chilled bottle of this craft-fermented, artisan product and voyage to the island of Sao Miguel as you savour those rare green and black teas from the Azores, transformed by our kombucha cultures and fermenting wizardry into a rejuvenating and very satisfying drink that delivers a full-mouth feel, complex layers of flavour, tangy top notes and a tart, clean finish that awakens your taste buds.

Choose from 240ml or 750ml bottles of -


bold, warming ginger infusion

or delicate, floral raspberry infusion


It's all about flavour with Jack's Kombucha




"Paul and I keep drinking loads of our stock haha."

Slow Response Coffee


“Proper delicious! Keeping doing what you do, it’s GREAT!”

Dr Huw Lewis-Jones

“I truly felt I was drinking a glass of Prosecco, except it was nicer and I didn’t get a headache.”



“We’re proud to be collaborating with the finest kombucha makers in the county”

Carla - El Huichol street food Newquay

“SO proud to have this delicious kombucha on our shelves - the best we’ve ever tasted!”

Natasha - The Coffee Hut Helston


“I tried the raspberry flavour one. It was delicious! Might need my own mini fridge of Jack’s!”





Bottles of Jack's Kombucha



Here are the most frequently asked questions and their answers…


Is kombucha good for you? Various health claims have been made about kombucha - mostly around strengthening your immunity or improving your gut health. So far there is very limited scientific evidence to show a clear cause and effect between consuming fermented drinks and improved health. What we do know is that drinking kombucha makes us feel good, it is hydrating, it feels energising and restorative without the sugar lows of a normal soft drink. Kombucha’s depth of flavour, its tanginess and fizz makes it a great alcohol replacement too.


How should I store kombucha at home? Kombucha is best stored upright in the fridge, but can also be kept in a dry cool space. If it is very hot outside, make sure you keep your kombucha in the fridge. As it’s a living drink, a warm environment will cause the fermentation process of the kombucha to continue which can lead to it turning sour.


How is kombucha best drunk? Get the posh glasses! This drink deserves it and definitely serve chilled. Kombucha is really versatile - drink it as it is (no need to dilute), use it as a mixer for a cocktail or as a perfect hangover-free replacement for beer, wine or fizz -  a cold Jack's Kombucha tastes great from a champagne flute! Our 240 ml Jack's bottles are also perfect for on-the-go refreshment. Drink it after your workout or as a boost during a shopping trip. Our ginger flavoured kombucha uses fresh organic ginger which can sink to the bottom of the bottle, so gently invert your ginger booch once before serving. 


What is the shelf life of Jack’s Kombucha? Unopened, our kombucha has a 6 month shelf life when stored in a cool place or the fridge. Once opened, please consume within 2-3 days.


What does kombucha taste like? Kombucha has a distinct sweet and sour taste. In our opinion, a good kombucha isn't overly sweet, it's the tangy and tart flavour which makes kombucha different to your average sugary soft drink - the zing is refreshing and uplifting. If you’ve never tried it before, take a few sips to appreciate the flavour, and before you know it, you will probably find yourself craving the booch buzz again and again!

How much kombucha should I drink? If you're drinking kombucha for the first time for health reasons, we recommend one of our 240 ml bottles per day and drink it with some food or on a full stomach. The beneficial probiotic bacteria in the kombucha are best absorbed alongside fibrous prebiotics such as greens, wholegrain pulses, alliums, berries or oats.


Is Jack's Kombucha unpasteurised? Yes, Jack's Kombucha is unpasteurised. We ferment Jack's Kombucha at a constant 25 degrees. Any hotter than this and the beneficial bacteria that many people believe bring health benefits to kombucha are killed off. There are a number of pasteurised kombucha brands on the market - you’ll know because they’ll be on the shelf and not in a chiller. As nice as they may be, they are devoid of the good gut bacteria and distinct taste and buzz that Jack's is brimming with.


What are the bits floating around in kombucha? As Jack's Kombucha is raw and unpasteurised it contains live (good) bacteria which means a new scoby culture may form in your bottle - it is natural and perfectly safe to drink. If you'd rather not drink this you can of course sieve it out or leave the last bit of the bottle. 


Does Jack's Kombucha contain caffeine? There is a small amount of caffeine in Jack's Kombucha, although most of it is removed in the fermentation process.


Is Jack's Kombucha alcoholic? A small amount of alcohol is produced in the fermentation process of brewing kombucha, but not enough to categorise it as an alcoholic drink (0.5% or less). It essentially contains as much alcohol as a ripe banana!


Is Jack's Kombucha vegan and gluten free? Yes, and yes!


Can I drink kombucha when I'm pregnant?  Is it OK for kids? As Jack's Kombucha is unpasteurized it’s not recommended for kids or mum’s who are pregnant or breastfeeding.


What is so special about Jack’s kombucha? Apart from using high quality organic and permacultured ingredients, we brew our kombucha in a unique way using shallow fermenters which encourages a better ratio of bacterial growth (as opposed to a high yeast production) creating our well balanced, signature flavour.