Stocking Jack's Kombucha

A Cornish stockist's chiller full of delicious, locally produced kombucha

Premium quality, award winning* kombucha - craft fermented in Cornwall.

The UK's best selling Cornish kombucha is made at our fermentary between The Helford and River Fal, using traditional methods to create an authentic, full-flavoured, artisan product of quality with a distinctive, well balanced and refreshing taste.

5 star reviews
5/5 in customer reviews

*All the flavours we entered for Taste of The West 2022 won Gold Awards.

Stocked by Scarlet - Gurnard's Head - Eden - Bedruthan Hotel - Verdant - Scarlet - The Great Cornish Food Store - Yallah - Trebah Gardens - Cornwall Eco Park...
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Selling Jack's Kombucha in your business

We offer good wholesale margins across our range in any combination of flavours that you prefer - choose from Taste of the West gold award winning Ginger, Raspberry, Original kombucha, plus Virgin Mojito, Cream Soda & Masala Chai. All 6 flavours are available in 330ml resealable bottles.


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Jack's Kombucha summer range

Hands down the best Kombucha I’ve tried”

Nick Archer, co owner of Bango Kitchen / The Shellfish Pig 

"Jack's Kombucha has got depth and clarity of flavour like no other. Made with care, passion and masterful's the real deal."

Will Ritson, Tea Experience at JING Tea.

"My colleague James and I (and the rest of the team) thoroughly enjoyed the samples."

Michael Wood, Gurnard's Head

"You are obviously very passionate about your products. After a team tasting it was decided to stock some of the booch ASAP."

Nick Bryant, Scarlet Hotel


Feel good fermented flavour. Demand for kombucha is growing fast as an exciting addition to the rapidly growing 'Lo and No' sector. The 'full mouth', satisfying, complex flavour and tart, clean finish makes our fermented drinks give customers an engaging, satisfying alternative to craft beer, wine and prosecco and offers similar food pairings.

> Lightly sparkling

> Complex layers of fermented flavour

> Only whole, natural ingredients

> Unpasteurised, so is brimming with live, gut-friendly cultures

> Naturally lower in sugar - no sweeteners or funny stuff!

> Hangover-free refreshment

> All natural, vegan and gluten-free

> Made with the finest, sustainably sourced fair trade, organic and permacultured ingredients


Authentic Kombucha slow fermented for a fuller flavour


How we got here

Started in early 2021 by four friends with a shared passion for kombucha and sustainability, Jack's reputation for quality and taste has quickly grown with our ever expanding list of local stockists, queues at our weekly market stalls, praise from food and drink professionals and 5 star customer reviews.

So what IS kombucha?

We use the finest organic, single estate teas and introduce just enough organic cane sugar and live cultures into our fermenting process which transforms the brew into kombucha. We then add the finest, locally sourced flavour ingredients to create our range of drinks.

A truly delicious alternative to the 'usual' soft drink options

All natural, lightly sparkling and brimming with fermented flavour and active, gut friendly cultures. This enlivening drink really does offer customers something special. Vegan and gluten free, it's naturally lower in sugar than most soft drinks and it's taste makes it a very satisfying and elevated alternative to alcoholic drinks and our kombucha pairs well with a wide range of foods.


Celebrate flavour without the alcohol

Flavour and food pairing

A drink that deserves the posh glasses! Serve chilled.

What does Jack's Kombucha taste like? ‘Fermented flavour alchemy’ is how one customer put it. Our drinks are known for their full mouth feel, their well balanced, complex layers of flavour, tangy top notes and the tart, refreshing, clean finish.

Open a bottle and voyage to the island of Sao Miguel in the Azores as you savour the fine organic green and black teas grown in the balmy air of the Atlantic Ocean’s gulf stream as it makes its way to Cornish shores. This refined kombucha complements a wide range of foods where a good Sav Blanc or Brut Prosecco would make a good paring. Great with Asian and Indian fusion cuisine. Try it with oysters or really good fish and chips.

Infused with delicate raspberry
Fetch the champagne flutes! We had to include this popular flavour combination into our core range. Once again using our own recipe of blended black and green tea, from the Azores, we use the best raspberries available in the UK to give to you this floral and fruity number. With its beautiful pale rose colour and tart characteristic, this one’s bound to please everyone. Pairs well with any food where a good sparkling Rose wine would be a natural choice.

Infused with warming ginger
This punchy little number is full of character. Using our own recipe of green and black tea from the Azores, we infuse the kombucha with a generous amount of organic ginger. Each fizzing bubble carries an earthy, slightly citrus and spiced heat, with a delightful warming sensation. This flavour bomb is both delicious and invigorating for mind and body. Enjoying this moment of pure refreshment either on its own, used as a mixer for mocktails/cocktails or served with spicy cuisine.

Virgin Mojito Kombucha
A kombucha twist on this classic flavour combo that will take you to Havana flavour heaven. We add just the right amount of organic lime juice and fresh mint to create this utterly refreshing, zingy summer kombucha. Virgin Mojito makes a versatile mixer, is a great mocktail base or just enjoy it straight as a guilt-free, healthy summer drink as a satisfying alternative to alcohol.

Cream Soda
'Summer holidays in a glass' - with a delightfully nostalgic hint of vanilla, our Cream Soda Kombucha is well balanced and pleasantly refreshing. A real 'jumpers for goal posts' thirst quencher! We use the best vanilla available to us to give to you this throw back thirst quencher. With a refreshing tart characteristic - balanced perfectly by mellow vanilla notes - and complex layers of fermented flavour, this one’s bound to hit the refreshment spot.

Summer Seasonal Special - Blackcurrant
Remember when you were a kid, that first time you ever tasted blackcurrant? The intensity, the taste. Wow!  And since then nothing 'blackcurranty' has really hit the spot? Yeah, we thought so too, so we've taken our small batch, craft fermented Gold Award winning kombucha and steeped whole blackcurrants in the keg for days to produce this flavour bomb of a summer special.



Proper kombucha contains live active cultures (the good stuff) and is unpasteurised so needs to be stored chilled. We recommend 5 degrees C. At this temperature, its shelf life is 6 months unopened. Use within 2-3 days of opening.




Stock Jack's Kombucha

We'd love you to join our ever growing community of restaurants, street food vendors, cafés, shops and online vendors that have already created ongoing additional revenue with Jack's Kombucha and have seen demand grow and grow...


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