Flavour - the heart and soul of our award winning kombucha

the unmistakable flavour of authentic kombucha


Jack's Kombucha - Bringing flavour to life

When you make a product that has just a few ingredients, their quality - and how they are treated - means everything.

Our authentic, gold award winning kombucha is an infusion of Cornish water, single-estate, organic tea and just the right amount of unrefined, fair trade, organic sugar to activate and sustain the SCOBY (Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeast), which transforms the infusion into a living, feel good drink, brimming with active cultures and delicious layers of flavour. ...Liquid loveliness!

"Fermented flavour alchemy"

We infuse our custom tea blend at 80 degrees to preserve the flavour and also the beneficial antioxidants and flavonoid compounds naturally found in tea.

The specially shaped fermentation vessels we use have an important role in flavour as well, promoting aerobic bacteria and the organic acids they produce from the sugar, while keeping the yeast under control. This produces a kombucha with a more balanced, complex taste and a clean, tart finish.

Jack's is unpasteurised which means all the beneficial active cultures and flavours are present in the drink you buy - the way proper kombucha should be. That's why you'll only find Jack's in the chiller, never on the shelf.


Our single estate fine teas


We source our single estate, organic teas from The Azores in the Atlantic - a part of the world where the climate and soil produce some of the finest teas in the world for kombucha making. Due to the islands' unique climate, there are no pests to threaten the crop, so organic practices thrive - along with the tea! Pesticides and other chemicals have never been used, resulting in the purest tea.

Each kombucha we make features a custom blend of these fine teas - perfected with experimentation over the years to give our drinks the complex layering of flavour and a full mouth drinking experience they are known for.


raw organic, fair trade cane sugar

Organic, fairly traded sugar

Aligning perfectly with our ethos of supporting growers fairly.

Kombucha is naturally much lower in sugar compared with most soft drinks. Just enough organic raw cane sugar is added to stimulate the fermentation and complement the flavour resulting in a very balanced kombucha that has a refreshingly tart, clean finish.

Find out more about the lengths we go to to ensure our ingredients supply is as sustainable as possible >


Our local, natural water source


We use a local, natural water source for our brews - certified and filtered of course. The pH lends itself well to our first fermentation process, resulting in what we think is a superior result compared with filtered mains water used by most kombucha manufacturers.


Poldhu beach, Lizard Peninsula, Cornwall

Made in Cornwall

All the kombucha we sell is craft brewed by us near Falmouth in Cornwall. How come? Read our story >

In keeping with Cornwall's maritime traditions, as soon as possible, we’ll be importing our carefully sourced ingredients from far flung shores by sail to reduce fossil fuel dependent food miles to a minimum and to ensure that the growers continue to be supported fairly. Stay tuned for more - follow us on Facebook and Instagram to watch the story unfold.



 Is Jack’s Kombucha alcoholic?

Our kombuchas make a very satisfying alternative to alcoholic drinks. They contain a naturally occurring trace amount which we diligently keep as low as possible - less than the amount you'd find in a ripe banana!


natural flavours - delicious infusions

Natural flavourings

Our range features a pure, natural kombucha. In our world, nailing a straight up kombucha is a badge of honour - with just 3 ingredients and the active cultures, it’s the purest test of our skills in finessing the perfect brew - something we pride ourselves in at Jack’s.

We also offer natural flavour infusions in our core range, as well as seasonal small-batch brews, allowing us to make full use of delicious local ingredients; from rhubarb to foraged plants, flowers and berries from Cornish hedgerows, rivers, woodland and shorelines.

And all our kombuchas are unpasteurised, giving you a fuller flavour and all the benefits of consuming a living, active drink.


Here’s our core range, available 365…

 Jacks Kombucha

Pure original - Taste of the West Gold Award winner 2022

Delivers a very satisfying full-mouth feel, complex layers of flavour and a slightly tangy, tart, clean finish that awakens your taste buds. Our Original Kombucha complements a wide range of foods where a good Sav Blanc or Brut Prosecco would make a good paring. Great with Asian and Indian fusion cuisine. Try it with oysters or really good fish and chips. Buy our pure original kombucha >


jacks ginger kombucha

Infused with ginger - Taste of the West Gold Award winner 2022

This punchy little number has a generous amount of whole organic ginger root. Each fizzing bubble carries an earthy, slightly citrus spicy note, with a delightful warming sensation and complex layers of flavour. This flavour bomb is both delicious and invigorating for mind and body. Enjoying this moment of pure refreshment either on its own, used as a mixer for mocktails/cocktails or served with your favourite spicy snack or meal. Buy our ginger infused kombucha >


jacks raspberry kombucha

Infused with raspberry - Taste of the West Gold Award winner 2022

Fetch the champagne flutes for this rosy nectar!

We use the best raspberries available in the UK to give to you this floral and fruity number, made with whole British raspberries. With its beautiful pale rose colour, a tart characteristic and subtle layers of flavour, this one’s bound to please everyone. Pairs well with any food where a good Rose wine would be a natural choice. Buy our raspberry infused kombucha >


Jacks Virgin Mojito Kombucha

Virgin Mojito (lime and mint) kombucha. 

A kombucha twist on this classic flavour combo that will take you to Havana flavour heaven. Using our own recipe featuring organic green and black tea from the Azores, we infuse the kombucha with just the right amount of organic lime juice and fresh mint to create this utterly refreshing, zingy summer kombucha. Virgin Mojito makes a versatile mixer, is a great mocktail base or just enjoy it straight as a guilt-free, healthy summer drink as a satisfying alternative to alcohol. Buy our Virgin Mojito kombucha >

Jacks cream soda kombucha

Cream Soda kombucha

'Summer holidays in a glass' - with a delightfully nostalgic hint of vanilla, our Cream Soda Kombucha is well balanced and pleasantly refreshing. A real 'jumpers for goal posts' thirst quencher! We use the best vanilla available to us to give to you this throw back thirst quencher. With a refreshing tart characteristic - balanced perfectly by mellow vanilla notes - and complex layers of fermented flavour, this one’s bound to hit the refreshment spot. Shop Jack's Cream Soda Kombucha >

Jacks masala chai kombucha

Masala Chai kombucha

Our tart, refreshing, all natural kombucha just loves the warming, exotic spice blend we’ve perfected for our Masala Chai kombucha. After all kombucha is fermented from an infusion of tea! The combo of cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, chicory, cloves, black pepper and cassia oil, sweetened and rounded off with rooibos produces a wonderful drink. Shop Jack's Masala Chai kombucha >


Small batch specials for the Food Barn farmers market, near Flushing


Small-batch kombucha infusions

Sold by the 750ml resealable bottle. If you’re local to the Penryn/Falmouth area, arrange a visit to our Fermentary at Argal Home Farm Studios, or rock up to The Food Barn Saturday Morning Market and buy a full 750ml flip top bottle - or more - of your favourite Jack’s. (Have a free taste first to help you choose) £7.99 for your first 750ml bottle. Then, when it’s empty, come back and we’ll replace it with a full one in whatever flavour you'd like. £6.49 per 750ml refill.


Al fresco dining with Jack's

Discover Jack's Kombucha when you're out and about

Find out where you can enjoy a Jack's with a meal, pick some up for your al fresco lunch, a beach BBQ or picnic when you're out and about in Cornwall. Check our stockist list >