Jack's Kombucha Collection

Jack's Kombucha is small batch brewed in Cornwall, using traditional methods. Every bottle of this slow-fermented, full-flavoured, artisan drink is bursting with live cultures - an authentic kombucha drinking experience.

Lightly sparkling with a distinctive, slightly tangy, refreshing taste and a tart, clean finish. Its 'full mouth', satisfying flavour makes a great alternative to alcoholic drinks.

With 100% natural ingredients, Jack’s Kombucha is made with an infusion of filtered Cornish water and fairly traded, organic, single estate green and black tea with a little organic cane sugar, our exclusive kombucha cultures, natural flavours - and nothing else!

We think it’s a deliciously rejuvenating soft drink that really does deserve a champaign flute!

Choose your flavour, or mix it up. Either way - enjoy!

> Lightly sparkling and refreshing

> Brimming with live, active cultures and high in antioxidants (polyphenols)

> Naturally lower in sugar than ginger beer or other soft drinks

> A satisfying alternative to alcoholic drinks

> Unpasteurised giving you a fuller flavour and maximum benefit from the live cultures

> All natural, vegan and gluten-free

> Made with sustainably sourced fair trade, organic and permacultured ingredients.