Brew at home kits - makes 2 litres of kombucha

Brew at home kits - makes 2 litres of kombucha

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The joys of kombucha making in your own home with our quality kits. Most importantly, we include our kombucha starter liquid created from our own symbiotic live cultures - brewed with quality ingredients - plus our permacultured, single estate tea and fair trade, organic cane sugar to give your kombucha the best possible start.

Here's what's included -

A 3ltr fermentation jar
Paper covers (once used, you can replace these with a cotton cover, we use an old t-shirt)
500ml of our starter liquid (SCOBY) + pellicle
100g mixed Jack’s permacultured, single estate tea (50g black + 50g green)
500g organic fairtrade cane sugar
2 x 75 cl 2nd fermentation bottles
Brewer’s instructions for great results every time.

It's everything you need to make 2 litres of deliciously refreshing kombucha at home and the hard wear and left over starter to create further batches.

And get creative - experiment with adding flavours in the 2nd fermentation stage!

There's also a video in which our brew boffin Billy talks you through the whole process. Watch it here:

Please note: as with any unpasteurised product - authentic kombucha is not recommended for children or if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.