Box of 8 - Jack's Original Kombucha

Box of 8 - Jack's Original Kombucha

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Our 8 X 240ml box of Jack's Original Kombucha is small batch brewed in Cornwall, using traditional methods. Every bottle of this slow-fermented, full-flavoured, artisan drink is bursting with live cultures - a proper kombucha drinking experience.

Lightly sparkling with a distinctive, slightly tangy, refreshing taste and a tart, clean finish. Its 'full mouth', satisfying, complex layers of flavour makes it a great alternative to alcoholic drinks.

With 100% natural ingredients, Jack’s Original Kombucha is made with an infusion of filtered Cornish water and fairly traded, permacultured single estate green and black tea with a little organic cane sugar, our exclusive kombucha cultures - and nothing else!

We think it’s a deliciously rejuvenating soft drink. Enjoy!

> Lightly sparkling and refreshing

> Brimming with live, active cultures and high in antioxidants (polyphenols)

> Naturally lower in sugar than ginger beer or other soft drinks

> A satisfying alternative to alcoholic drinks

> Unpasteurised giving you a fuller flavour and maximum benefit from the live cultures

> All natural, vegan and gluten-free

> Made with sustainably sourced fair trade, organic and permacultured ingredients.


Open a bottle and voyage to the island of Sao Miguel in the Azores as you savour the blended green and black teas grown in the balmy air of the Atlantic Ocean’s gulf stream as it makes its way to Cornish shores. Transformed by our kombucha cultures, this tea blend gives a very satisfying full-mouth feel, complex layers of flavour and a slightly tangy, tart, clean finish that awakens your taste buds. Our Original Kombucha complements a wide range of foods where a good Sav Blanc or Brut Prosecco would make a good paring. Great with Asian and Indian fusion cuisine. Try it with oysters or really good fish and chips. 

As with all our drinks, best served chilled.



tea infusion (filtered Cornish water, organic fair trade cane sugar, single estate, permacultured, fair trade green & black tea), kombucha cultures (SCOBY - Symbiotic Culture of Bacteria and Yeasts).



Energy 92KJ / 22KCAL

Fat 0.1g (saturates 0g)

Carbohydrates 4.1g (sugars 4g)

Protein 0.1g

Salt 0g

Unpasteurised product. Not recommended for children, or if you are breastfeeding or pregnant. Otherwise - get stuck in!

Keep refrigerated. Resealable bottle. Use within 3 days of opening.


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