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Full tutorial video - step by step written instructions - list of all equipment needed - details of our home brewing kits, available now for a special price.

Congratulations on your journey into brewing your own kombucha. You’re now a fellow brewer, boocher, keeper of the SCOBY; whatever you want to call it, the guidelines below are here to help you on your journey.

Watch Brew Master Billy's video shot for Craft Eat Smile Fest recently - all you need to know to make great kombucha at home...


Jack's Kombucha sells home brewing kits which contain: 
A 3ltr fermentation jar
Paper covers (once used, you can replace these with a cotton cover, we use an old t-shirt)
500ml of our starter liquid  + pellicle (SCOBY)
50g mixed Jack’s permacultured, single estate tea (25g black + 25g green)
200g organic fairtrade cane sugar
2 x 75 cl 2nd fermentation bottles
Brewer’s instructions (also see below)


Order your home kombucha brewing kit!
Containing everything you need to make 2 litres of deliciously refreshing kombucha at home, extra tea and the hardwear you need to brew further batches.

ORDER NOW - £32 + delivery


STEP 1 (KIT): Make sure everything you need to complete your first brew is ready! To accompany the kit in this pack, you’ll also need a saucepan, a sieve, kitchen scales, funnel and a mixing spoon.

STEP 2 (KEEP IT CLEAN):  As you’re trying to create the perfect environment for your booch, the first step is to make sure that your kit is clean. You’ll need to sterilise your 3ltr glass fermenter, mixing spoon, sieve, saucepan and of course, make sure that your hands are clean.

STEP 3 (GET YOUR BREW ON): Bring 1ltr of water to a boil, turn the heat off and leave for 10 minutes. Add 8g of the mixed tea  and leave to infuse, stirring occasionally, for 20 minutes. Add 120g of organic cane sugar and mix well until it’s fully dissolved. Next add 500ml of cold water and leave the brew to one side for 2 hours to allow the mix to cool. Strain the tea through a sieve into the 3ltr glass fermenter; always make sure the liquid is under 40˚c before adding to the glass fermenter to avoid breakage.

Finally, once your brew has reached room temperature, open your starter liquid + pellicle pack  and carefully add to the brew. Cover the fermenter with the paper filter provided and fasten with the elastic band.

STEP 4 (KEEP IT CONSISTENT): It’s now time to let the symbiotic culture of yeast and bacteria (SCOBY) feed on the caffeine and the sugar in the brew and magically transform your sweet tea into delicious kombucha. To help it on its way it’s best to keep things consistent, keep the brew somewhere as close to 25˚c as possible; this is the ideal temperature for the good bacteria to thrive. As your booch does its thing, you’ll notice a new pellicle grow at the top of the brew, don’t worry, this is perfectly normal and all part of the fermentation process. The brew will take anything from 14-25 days to ferment - it all depends on your taste preference, if you like it tart leave it longer.

STEP 5 (NEARLY THERE): Once you’re happy with the flavour of your booch it’s time to get bottling. Once again follow step 2 with all your kit, keep it clean. Strain the booch through a sieve, retaining the pellicle for the next brew. Pour off 500ml of the brew and keep this with the pellicle to use as starter for your next brew. Now it’s up to you, you can either flavour the booch or leave it original. If you’re not planning on adding any flavours, just get it bottled, leave at room temperature for a few days to get bubbly and then chill in the fridge for 24 hours before enjoying.

If you’re planning on adding some additional flavourful ingredients add them to the remaining 1.5 litres of booch in the fermentation jar. Once again cover the fermentation jar with the paper cover and leave to ferment for another 48 hours. Remove any whole fruits, herbs or spices if you’ve added them before following the previous bottling instructions. Flavouring kombucha is a really fun thing to play around with, a little fruit juice, chopped whole fruits, herbs or spices goes a long way. Get creative and most of all have fun.

STEP 6 (MORE TEA VICAR): Congratulations on completing your first batch of kombucha. Following these instructions will allow you to keep on brewing more. With the 500ml of kombucha and the pellicle that you kept back from your first brew, you can now go back to step one and get another brew on! Keep on brewing…

We’d love to hear about your creations. Feel free to drop us a message hello@jackskombucha.co.uk or share your brewing progress on social media using the hashtag #JacksAtHome and we'll Share it on our channels.

Happy brewing fellow boocher :)

Order your home kombucha brewing kit!
Containing everything you need to make 2 litres of deliciously refreshing kombucha at home, extra tea and the hardwear you need to brew further batches.






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